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This course provides a guide to creating and developing material for stand-up comedy and offers an exploration of several key comedic performance techniques. It is designed to help each comic to develop an awareness of the performance styles that works for them and to build crucial confidence.

Crafting gags and laughter lines, creating narrative journeys, and producing material that is sharp, funny, and reflective of the comic’s individual persona is central to this highly interactive online course.

Novice to stage-ready in 8 weeks, brilliant! Thanks to Chris. – SAM PHILLIPS, Comedy Course Participant.

I found the course to be quite life-changing. I now think in a different way, life is funny, comedy is everywhere that I look – it just jumps out of no-where. – PAULA WHITFIELD, Comedy Course Participant.

8-week online course

Starts: Monday 6th July to Monday 24th August

Timing: 7pm – 9pm each week

This course is non-refundable

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